Name: Kamala Lama
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Name: Diamond Lamichhane
Present Address: Kalanki, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Country: Nepal
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Name: Namgay Wangchuk
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Name: Tashi pelden
Present Address: babasa,Thimphu
Permanent Address: kikorthangTsirang
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Country: Bhutan
Registration no.: 19218022

I started my UMSAILS LL.M. program in October 2019 and it was an amazing journey of the last one year with UMSAILS and University of Asia Pacific. Indeed this LL.M. degree increased our knowledge and experience, as students came from different universities for pursuing this LL.M. so, this program created an opportunity for sharing our diverse knowledge and experience with each other. All of our courses were conducted through very renowned law professors and legal experts of Bangladesh which helped us to gather knowledge in different areas of law. This LLM program will be also memorable for us for various extracurricular activities, e.g. moot court competition, UMSAILS-UAP Spring School 2020 etc. So, lastly I can say I am really very honored and pleased to be a part of UMSAILS LLM Program, this degree enhanced my experience and increased my knowledge and skill in the legal arena.

Name: Nushera Tazrin Darin
Registration No: 19218003

Last one year has been thrilling as the LLM started with esteemed faculties in an excellent environment. The first semester got away in a blink of an eye. While, it ended with the most exciting event of the year, "Spring School". The virtual reality, due to pandemic situation, gave a new experience but could not really correspond the environment of being face to face with the fellow classmates belonging from multiple cultures, countries and teachers. In this context the whole course came to a conclusion enriching my skills and knowledge and giving me a lifetime opportunity.

My name is Najia Ferdous. I want to share all about my experience of last one-year LLM program in University of Asia Pacific. I am lucky enough to receive a scholarship from UMSAILS. I chose the course because I want to become a qualified professional on legal profession. The course was challenging, and it can be very difficult at times, but our teachers are very happy to help and answer questions in person or via email if we would prefer. The course allows a great deal of flexibility and I have been able to fully explore my interests in different subjects. There is also a breadth of activities available at the University. I have taken advantages from the library and I have attended UMSAILS-UAP Spring School 2020. I believe my flexible one-year degree will give me the best chance of success in my future career.

I am Diamond Lamichhane, an UNESCO graduate holder of LLM in Human Right from University of Asia Pacific, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was a nice and wonderful time to spend with difference culture and international friends. This course helped to gain my ability and skills development, team work, making planning and organization. During the study time the professors, teachers and administration was supportive and gained friendly environment. After my graduation on this course, I am able to stand with good vision, leadership and developing trust in professional.

It’s a matter of happiness for me to talk about something that is close to my heart. Last one year spending time with my UAP family especially with UMSAILS was one of the most important part of my life. UMSAILS is best because it is providing not only best faculties but also a cooperative environment to learn and explore ourselves. Our faculties, head of the department and program coordinator were very much helpful, supportive and friendly. I am grateful to all staffs of UAP especially Department Administrative Officers. Insallah UMSAILS will add huge value in my academic and personal life.